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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly

Curl Enhancing Jelly


Although not long on ingredients this jelly is long on greatness! It is one of the best curl enhancers I've ever used. It's not sticky and doesn't leave residue on your hands. You can use it with a leave in or without (my preference: with a leave in). You can use it on top of other curl enhancers mixed with a hard or medium hold gel AND if you add a bit of water (dollop in the hand + bit of water..not much!) you can scrunch it in and have a shot at 2nd day hair. Keep in mind I rarely get 2nd day hair but this *almost* did it!

It's not heavy and will not weigh down fine haired folks. It is very enhancing--giving a nice boost to your waves, wurls, or curls and also providing for a bit of definition as well. My hair is left shiny with very even curls.

Love it! Those who like jellies or gels instead of curl creme's will love this but for those of you that use cream's only you really ought to try this---I think you'll like it--since cream's are heavier just either mix it with a leave in or add it over a leave in.

Smells good as well. A TOP choice for enhancing your curls!


  1. Hi!
    I just got this product (along with the protein spray) and I think something is wrong!

    I gave my hair a spritz of protein and put 3 pumps of the enhancer jelly into my hair. I scrunched it through and then used Giovanni hard gel over the top. My hair went straight! Is it possible I used too much??? I have shoulder length, fine, medium porous hair.

    Any ideas???

    P.S. I have had trouble with my hair curling lately, but it hasn't been this bad! I finally got it to curl after doubling the amount of gel. It took a few minutes to scrunch out ALL of the crunch...

  2. I would say to either email the owner or to head over to naturallycurly.com and post a question on the boards..I have not had that happen with this curling jelly but have had it happen with other products!

    Good luck!

  3. I love this Curl Enhancing Gel. I use this over the Caitlin's conditioner and my hair looks great. No frizz at all. It looks as good as it does when I used to use silicones but without the dreaded build-up. I have started to use bobby pins to help my hair curl. I scrunch it then put in the pins. I don't use heat but let it airdry. This and the bobby pins stretch my curls into waves and I just love it. I have to say I love all her products that I have tried and I am eagerly waiting for her cleansing cream especially if it's like Jessicurl's cleansing cream. I love that and Daily Fix Cleansing Cream by Curl Junkie. SS products, in my opinion, are every bit as good as Curl Junkie but more economical. They last a whole lot longer and smell delicous.