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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How we do my teen daughter's hair

T's hair and how we do it!

So T is 13. If some of you follow her story on naturallycurly.com you'll know her hair was basically a rats nest before we found the CG method. After much experimentation we now have a wonderful routine and products and her hair looks and feels awesome--its moisturized, not frizzy, manageable.

What we do:
We have a wash day 1-2 x per week max. No more. Her hair is too dry to handle it more than that. On wash day she gets in the shower and uses shampoo (low poo) or co-wash. I do help her get her hair sectioned--the only way we can effectively do her hair w/o using a whole bottle of poo. We use clips to hold it up (any type that will hold..roller jaw and duckbill work o.k. for her). Then she puts in her rinse out and I do the detangling with a mebco comb (she shuts off the shower) for her as it's hard for her to get her back hair as its so thick. Then she rinses it out and squeezes the water out (hands only) and when she gets out we put in leave in. LOTS of leave in usually. We comb again to get the leave in through her hair (its too thick not to comb it for even distribution), add some Shescentit Gillian Butter to seal and then usually we braid it. She wears a satin sleep cap to bed.

In the morning we take the braid out and her hair is usually still very wet. I'll add in some Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root butter cream (BRBC) and then seal with Shescentit Gillian Butter. We use about 2-3 dime sized amounts of the BRBC and a dime sized of the Gillian--then we will either re braid or leave it out and she wears a head band or similar. She is usually in a braid (s) for 2 days minimum. We follow the same routine every morning.

When we started CG she couldn't do anything with her hair since it was so thick. She needed help to be effective with cleaning and combing and all that. Now she largely does her own low poo or co-wash and I help detangle. She will be starting to do her own detangling here this month now that she feels comfortable with the co-wash or low-poo. She does occasionally braid her own hair as well.

On special occasions instead of braiding we use the leave in and then add Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Creme and then we scrunch and let it air dry for about an hour. We then do some pixie diffusing for about 15 minutes. Her hair in the Pikistrip above is with this method (2 right pic's).

The products we love are:

Co-wash: V05, Suave Strawberry, Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner
Low-poo's: Giovanni 50/50, Mop C Hydrating Shampoo, Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Shampoo
Rinse-Outs and Leave-Ins: Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix and Honey Butta Leave In, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition or Sleek and Shine, Yes to Cucumbers, Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent Deep Treatment, and Lustrasilk Shea Mango or Organic with Argan Oil. Other alternates are the Mop C Hydrating Conditioner (when she needs protein), Hairveda Moist 24/7, Shescentit Avocado and Super Soft Honey Rinse, Curl Junkie Beauticurls (Leave In only) and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab.

So right now she does her own poo/co-wash and I only help detangle.


  1. Thanks for the details! We're still working on first-day hair for her, so I don't know about second-day hair....Right now we're still experimenting.

  2. I'm proud of you for keeping it long, through all the trouble you were having with it. It looks so beautiful now. Your hair does, too. <><

  3. Nice post. Her hair is beautiful. I imagine she is one of the few curly kids at school, how does she deal with that? Does she like her hair? Eh, I'm getting ahead of myself, my daughter is only 4. lol :)

  4. Hi BBB!

    Yep she's one of a few only. Her school is primarily Asian (we live in a primarily Asian suburb). She loves her hair now that we got it under control :) Her best friend is mixed (black/white) and has very similar hair so that's been a real benefit for us and they support each other as both are natural :)

  5. What's YOUR hair routine Alex?

  6. HAHA

    Mine varies...with product. Methods pretty much the same. Use a low poo/cleanser (alternate every other day) then use rinse out. I do the Icequeen method--everything upside down and cold rinse. Get out of the shower, dripping hair, add leave in and scrunch in, I smooth then scrunch all products. Then I add some sort of curl gel/enhancer/cream and then follow with gel.

    I have lots of favorites as you can see. For example today I used Bellacurl Hydrating Cleansing Creme followed by Bellacurl Conditioner. Used Hairveda Moist Condition Pro for leave in then some Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly. I added some KMS Hairstay gel and then diffused (pixie) until about 85% dry. I let it dry the rest for hte hour it takes to get the kids ready and drive to school. Then I come home, SOTC, put my work clothes on and go to work. Including my shower it takes me about 25 minutes all told.