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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jessicurl Conditioners

Aloeba, Weekly Deep Treatment, and Too Shea!


Each one of Jessicurl's conditioners are huge winners in our house.

Aloeba is more of a daily conditioner IMHO--in the Island Fantasy the scent lingers just a little all day--enough to smell when you turn your head. It was very conditioning to me and provided plenty of moisture. It goes on very smoothly and you'll have no problems squeezing it out of the bottle. It's a medium texture product.

Too Shea! Is a much heavier duty conditioner. It comes in a jar and not a bottle--which is good in some ways and not in others. I find that I love jar's as I can get the last of the product out and I can see how much I have left (plus) but sometimes in the shower unscrewing the cover and scooping product out is not the most convenient thing (cons). A little goes a long way with this conditioner--and it has worked very well on both my daughter's fine to coarse textured hair that is very thick and dry as well as my much finer and thinner hair that is normal and not excessively dry.

Weekly Deep Treatment is exactly what it says--for use weekly as a DT--preferably with heat. I actually find the Too Shea to be as moisturizing as this one but either works fine. It's properties are much like Too Shea except it is a *little* thicker. As far as slip we found it sufficient to detangle my daughter's hair. We like to leave this in her hair overnight or for several hours with a towel wrapped around for the best benefit.

Again the scent's are up to you and we love the Island Fantasy one. You can see that the difference between the WDT (left pic above) and Too Shea! (right pic above) is very slight--with the WDT looking a bit thicker. They act almost the same on our hair.

Huge thumbs up for these conditioners! They are worth your time to order online!


  1. Hi, which one would you prefer for conditioner and dt? Curl rehab, curl junkie hibiscus and bana deep fix or too shea extra mousturizer, weekly deep treatment?

  2. I use the CJ Hibiscus and Banana DF and the Jessicurl WDT as my DT. My daughter uses them as regular conditioners, DT's, as well and Leave In's. She prefers the CJ products.

    I use the Rehab as a rinse out and Leave In. Haven't tried it as a DT. I use the Too Shea occasionally but its very similar to the WDT. I don't think you need both.

    Any of the three would be fine..although I'd probably lean towards the JC WDT or CJ CR if you have fine or medium hair and the CJ HBDF or JC Too Shea if you have medium to coarse hair.