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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What does PJ'ism look like?

So I decided to post about what Product Junkie'ism looks like.

Being a PJ I really enjoy ordering, tracking and receiving new products for my hair and body. I love the entire experience--from web searching to reading reviews to tracking my order make its way across the country to land at my doorstep. I just love it totally and truly.

I'm sure that I probably spend a little too much, get a little too obsessed, and just generally indulge on a deeper level than others. I think we all have our vices and mine just happens to be hair products right now!

I'm posting some pic's so you can see my stash. Most of it is hair products but there are other assorted items in there. I had to get creative and now use a over the door shoe holder for products in my bathroom. I keep some stuff in the fridge as well (natural products I'm worried about spoiling due to only occasional use). Recently products have taken over part of my bookcase.

For all of you my fellow PJ's I dedicate this post!


  1. AJJ, I love the idea of the shoe holder for hair products! I have a teeny-tiny bathroom with no horizontal space or storage! This is a great solution to my lack-of-space problem! Thanks!

  2. Great!! It works awesome for me! Does make the door closing interesting. I can't run to the bathroom to have my fit anymore without it sounding like an earthquake due to the bottles on the door! LOL!!! It's so worth it! The side benefit is that my teenager can't either! ROFLOL!