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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sweet Nature by Eddie Shampoo, Condish, Spray

I discovered Sweet Nature by Eddie products via youtube. There are several really excellent and fun reviews of her products there--so first go check them out!

Now that you've seen the reviews I'll add my thoughts.

First a word--I am very committed to supporting female owned businesses whether they be for a more mom and pop operation or whether they are manufactured products. The owner of SNBE has also gifted us with inspiration and uplifiting stories and quotes that are actually on her product labels. It's a little something that is greatly appreciated and gives her a unique niche in the world of natural hair care.

So on to the products:

Inspiration Shampoo--this is my favorite "low-poo". It doesn't have any SLS in it. The smell is divine--like juices and berries and fruit. It does lather but not as much as a shampoo with SLS in it. It gets my scalp clean and does not strip my hair at all. In fact after shampooing my hair does not feel as if I shampoo'ed it at all. Many low-poo's can still make my hair feel a bit stripped but not this one.

Love Deep Conditioner--I like this conditioner. It smells like other minty scented hair products. The scent to me is not that special. When I first tried it I didn't use any form of heat and considered this to just be an o.k. product--but nothing special. After reading a couple more reviews I realized that it's true use was really as a more deep conditioner and that the application of heat was essential to obtain the full benefit from the product. So I tried it. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Not only did my hair feel unbelievably soft but I could feel the peppermint tingle working! So if you first use it without heat and don't think it's anything special do yourself a favor and add the heat element (put it on and put a hot towel on top of your cap or run around to generate body heat or sit under your dryer and so on).

The consistency is not thick which frankly was very surprising to me in a product labeled a deep conditioner. Normally they tend to be ultra thick and hard to distribute. This is not one of those so don't dismiss it without trying it.

Growth Spray--now we come to my very first love for any spray product for my hair. I have no idea how this spray works this well--by all accounts it should weigh my hair down as it is composed of many oils--but it doesn't. The spray comes out in a very fine mist that distributes evenly without saturating your hair. It smells scrumptious and it does linger a bit--so you might have folks telling you how good you smell. This is a very moisturizing spray that can also be used as a leave-in. I don't use this as a refresher spray as I don't really do second day hair (I need to experiment with my products!) but we use it frequently on my daughter's hair to tame frizz by putting moisture in her hair.

All three of these products are staples for me and in my main product rotation. I highly recommend giving them a try. You can order a small sampler pack to you don't need to invest in the full size products right away. She also ships quickly--so for those of you that know how long you sometimes have to wait for natural hair care products from other businesses I can say I've never waited longer than a week for shipment from Sweet Nature by Eddie. You can find her products on www.fabulousblackwoman.com


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