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T's Hair Journey

T's Hair Journey
Loving her hair for the first time!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jessicurl Shampoo and Cleansing Cream

Jessicurl was one of the first products I tried that was exclusively online after I went Curly Girl (CG). I started with the styling products which were one hit wonders for me. I should have started with the cleansers and conditioners.

Gentle Lather Shampoo: Not only do I ADORE the Island Fantasy scent but this shampoo is a winner! It cleans well, has some lather, takes only a small amount to do my whole head, and does not make my hair feel dry/hard or stripped. It rinses clean and does not leave residue.

Hair Cleansing Cream: Here is another product I adore. It is very cleansing but more of the conditioner-cleansing type. HCC does not lather at all for me so the only downside is sometimes it's hard to figure out how much you should use. The scent again is a big plus for this product--I especially like that I can get all my products from this line in one scent. Sometimes lines that have multiple scents can be problematic if they don't work well together.

This would be an excellent low-poo for someone who didn't need the strength of a shampoo closer to an SLS one. It was very successful in getting all product out of my hair and this also did not leave a residue. I did find this one took a little longer to rinse out than the Gentle Lather Shampoo--but to compensate for that I think the HCC gives me a head start on conditioning as my hair feels soft after I use it.

Both of these are very high quality products that are worth your product dollar. Although I prefer the Island Fantasy scent Jessicurl products also come in Citrus Lavendar and unscented. The unscented is particularly nice for those who have sensitivities to fragrance oils or sensitive schnozzes...you can also buy smaller trial versions of these so you don't need to invest in full size products right away. That is always a plus for me.

As far as shipping it was very prompt. I ordered from the Jessicurl website and Curlmart and both sent products quickly. My preference is the Jessicurl website itself as you can order another sample with your order and you can order the trial size versions individually. The above pictures show regular 8 oz size and the smaller 2oz trial size you can order.

A great product line and one I reccomend you try out!

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